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Extreme Expertise

Welcome to Wissehr Electrical Contractors. As full-service industrial and commercial electrical contractors, we take on all kinds of projects, from the everyday to the extreme.

But we thrive on the tough ones.

For over 20 years, we’ve tackled the most challenging electrical contracting projects and succeeded by combining sound engineering, creative thinking and strict attention to safety. Because we self-perform our work, our professional engineers and talented office, maintenance and warehouse employees handle every phase, taking personal responsibility as a valued team member.

It’s a Fit

We select appropriate projects, managing every detail quickly, correctly and efficiently. And our clients return time and again because they trust our performance and our word.

Working with us on a project? Your project manager and our president Tom Wissehr are available 24/7. Make one phone call, and get the answers to your questions.

  • No management layers or bureaucracy
  • Concentrated focus on your project
  • Extreme technical expertise to solve project challenges

Bidding for Your Business

Bid work makes up 70 percent of our projects. We succeed because we diligently examine each part of a proposal. We read every paragraph and rigorously estimate every detail. As a result, we quote realistic numbers and confidently submit our bid, knowing we can defend each expense.

We refuse to present an unrealistically low estimate just to get the job.

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